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Wowi think jc horn is a Ten will always be my doctor shirt great player. But I don’t think kyle’s the coachi don’t think he’s it because it’s just too many things going on with kyle. Y’all would have been reacting to me real. So get to know penne sewell the tackle out of oregon. That’s itthat’s it Starbucks coffee hockey mom shirt Ten will always be my doctor shirt.

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All rightwe got a Ten will always be my doctor shirt little reprieve there week six. Respectfully bro you have to take off right here like mebro you could have just pulled up in the pocket right here where the mouse is right here and just took off this would have been like a tenure you don’t throw this bro. But I was thinkingbut I was thinking he would have thrown it though I think you put somebody over the top. Yeahweek. But that’sthat’s what motivates you. Little because ijust i. I mean it’s likejust hand it
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You gotta take offremember bro he got in that. Beautifully thrown football pinpoint accuracy to smith once again s the Ten will always be my doctor shirt down and five moving quickly herehurts to the outside. And in this situation you know you have of course you have urban meyer who’s coming into the league and his kickoff anddebut time you know securing speed and big time.
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