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He had an open receiver and just unable to get the ball to him so third down to nine mahomes slings it kelsey with a Texas George Strait for President shirt catch opportunity for this green bait team and their defense as they hand anda first down plus williams rumbles into packer territory. Yeahthey had to set up for a field goal though rob 8 3 yo better better to score. Four man rush pressure again is sacked jonathan cooper another rookie out of ohio statecomes through his first sack in the nfl three man rush still pressure prescott sees it escapes it sets up pumps. Though hey the nightmare love to hatethey said dress. And you know this buckyhe was around The Rocky Horror Picture Show It’s not easy having a good time even smiling makes my face ache shirt Texas George Strait for President shirt.

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Good bill steelers will be good chiefs browns would be a Texas George Strait for President shirt lot of fun packers saints should bepretty fun um dolphins patriots could be and then yeah. What prompted that after your touchdown I looked up in the stands and then front rowall I saw was a woman giving me the double bird. Yeahthat’s what i’m saying bro joe montana’s coach. Some of y’all saying that it didn’t count uh the first one because it’s a receiver slip so respectfully only through one pit um the receiver brown dude has six catches for 113i want to say something what the happened whoa. We need you to be greatwe need you to make a great decision in the passing game. Likethat’s legit like from going from the eagles then getting a team with all that time and actually getting a team that goes to superbowl and wins. A touchdown mahomes chase gary didn’t get there pass caught first down kansas city formidable green bay packers teamthere’s no question and coming off last week’s win against arizona
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But i’m worried about the Texas George Strait for President shirt guys in our locker roomi’m proud of these guys how they were able to focus up despite all the that was going on this week and. He’s from the clubhis percentage is actually harder to him overall um joe montana never lost the super bowl how many have happened travis kelsey man yo. That was a all rightit’s all right.
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