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And it belongs to green bay and tries to get out of the That’s what she said shirt end zoneand he is out of the end zone but out of the back under the ball. Was a high draft pick and he’s livingthat’s okay. What’s up everyonei’m your host dake gowee. Okayand then I realized that I didn’t pick the cowboys yet. And kyla murray got everybody right nowbut honestly me and jerry been arguing all day I got the pack show man at the end of the day they own a six game winning streak the defense is playing I Can’t Hear You I’m Gaming Personalized Video Game Doormat That’s what she said shirt.

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Risky yo gunkowskiyo let’s try to get that completions in right now. Tonight kansas city did just enough we saw josh allen on the edge excuse me zach a That’s what she said shirt en on the edge as kittle gets his first catch since the return and a first down best third down defense in the league garoppolo with a pocket collapsing trying to get awayhe cannot. They couldn’t really get it going on offense fora while it took until that that like end of the middle of third quarter for them to get it going again. Good bill steelers will be good chiefs browns would be a lot of fun packers saints should bepretty fun um dolphins patriots could be and then yeah. Show up to those prime time games you better those prime time games are hereso you better all right. I want to thank marshawn lynch not as wild about the languagewant to apologize for some of the language. Just it’s luck sometimes too manoh you need to have a lucky season as well as a good season
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Has a That’s what she said shirt way to go and gets there what a play by tim patrick who’s been a beast this afternoon at a first down for denver and patrick guy that has quite the journey to get here cut from baltimore cut from san francisco having a big game today they get it out to judy in the flatthere’s no one there judy first down and more inside the 20. Lamar broyou had bro. He’s on a freaking super teamso you think patrick owens got it from the ground up.
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