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Kinda gotswhat a The Hilarious House of Frightenstein shirt segway that was today. Lamar jackson’s just flashing. A week ago he’s involved in some more and the players are on the field milling around talking about it now first down intent there’s the pressureand it’s roquan smith with the sack roethlisberger throwing deontay johnson. Scary this is crazy. You still lost pointsand it still counts as an interception you should have got the uh the two points bro Steve Kornacki tracking Kornacki shirt The Hilarious House of Frightenstein shirt.

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Winnable vikings dolphins bears all right brown oh brown steelers brownsokay then the packers that’s a The Hilarious House of Frightenstein shirt rough four game stretch that’s a rough four game stretch. Good colts bills was good ran out of firedo you think they should have roster spots to counter the additional game. What time is it you have no ideai subtract do I add out of the pocket herbert. We didn’t even have againlike i’ve never seen the defense play that bad off. I mean they couldn’t get anywherebut yeah. I think if they played 10 times i’d say the cowboys would win seveni was thinking like eight still. I e tight end and quarterbackthere’s no doubt in my mind
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Broyeah. He’s got to run into him and break the The Hilarious House of Frightenstein shirt over the middle of the field first down in ten garoppolo high throw and climbing the ladderis brandon naiuk the ball popping out at the end. They traded to the 14th overall pickso they traded with the vikings.
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