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Okayyou guys to pick up the Tis but a scratch Monty Python shirt exact same time next time. Was getting rid of charles hayley the second one was getting rid of the farthest bugger mm hmmwe’re gonna find out how bad that is because because cause kendall is bad already we’re gonna see what he looks like. And it’s caught no way that was drawn up that way james washington for 42 one on one down at the bottom him and isaiah simmons one on one garoppolo looking at the back of. Hey you ever wonder why play falls aparti’ll explain it to you now with the follies breakdown problem for seattle. Richard is back there card 10 17 downfieldit goes with a catch by wally the tight end drilled on the play by mckinney held on picks up 19 and put him down to the 22 Shark Pjs For Men Women Shark Eating Santa Claus Merry Sharkmas Sea Animals Ugly Christmas shirt Tis but a scratch Monty Python shirt.

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Respect broi want to give lamar after that play right there bro honestly like tom brady and the Tis but a scratch Monty Python shirt only reason because you know you’re older. Oh I thought you met her as a penaltyno no no no. Hits the crossbar and comes short and that’s how this game will come to an endmaybe another foot or two would have been the difference love trying to drop it off for jones incomplete fourth down. He at the rams number one a lot of peopledid I don’t know I agree I agree. You let’s do itbaby let’s do it. It seemed like he didn’t want to make no adjustments or anything like thati’m saying put trey lance in. There is a dark cloud over santa claraoh it’s raining hard too a lot of man
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I don’t know if anybody’s showing up for the Tis but a scratch Monty Python shirt next gameyeah. They didn’t make the playoffsbut we all know the eagles won that game. I go by the name of dckeep it locked here for all of our original football content man we got a combine coming.
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