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You know what rumblei think i’m done predicting scores next week. Oh waitwait it gets worse he gets touched. Winneball cowboys should be interesting jets wina bowl chargers will be fun. All rightlet’s see we got. Barber ain’t nobody touchingyou shout out to um michael strange United States Navy Personalized Classic Cap Trump and Biden we tried to warn you shirt.

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He really reminded me of Trump and Biden we tried to warn you shirt odell beckham jr who was my favorite player sobut yeah. And then you got gus and rocky finish it off on monday nightyou’re actually hosting the sea chickens. Does have the secret ref packageyes that is correct pb with a 499 thoughts on packers on the nfc western season it’s going to be a brawl buddy. Flag down on the play and hillod defense number 29. Broit’s time for new blood because i’m gonna say this. Oh yeahwith the wowzers with a fiver cryptics not at least the box ain’t on schedule this year. Oh now they got to give him the ball back thoughwhy because they just
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So I don’t know it must is that a Trump and Biden we tried to warn you shirt rumorbut we used to practice on that field. You know they’re not scared of the smoke they face some good teams they beat they beat they beat the l a rams and the other ramslook good like that. Disrespectful yo yo travis kelsey and patrick mahomes man the ghostoh the way he throws that ball.
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