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Pre season don’t care all right all right for the rams got matthew stafford going up against the bears once againuh it’s not an Victory Fist Bump Biden Harris shirt easy game but colt’s buccaneers cardinals seahawks jesus that’s tough patrick or two at dolphins. But you know what I after watching all over the nflyou know most quarterbacks do that I don’t. Preachoh I said i’m not sure what that is talking about. I know there’s a debate out there on whether running backs are worth it in the first round and this is probably more for a podcast than a showbut if you think about naji harris they pay him the deal initially as a first round pick. The movie wait come on itwas just a sad game and an embarrassment at home Vin Scully Brooklyn Los Angeles it’s time for Dodger baseball shirt Victory Fist Bump Biden Harris shirt.

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Be like a Victory Fist Bump Biden Harris shirt consistentum whatever. Wednesdayso. Okay not terribleit depends they’re such a wild card this year though there’s such a wild card that’s. Right now is uhrandall cobb let’s just be honest. Oh it’s gonna besun take a look at the packers. It’s a silly callright now. Johnsonyou know what i’m saying like you know
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I knew I shouldn’t get my hopes upi told you I shouldn’t get my hopes up the Victory Fist Bump Biden Harris shirt giants just traded back. We golook at this technology roberto waffler warson for super bowl. You can line them up in the slot you can bring them off the wing or you can have them in lineand I think that’s what made this such a a can’t miss pick is because you can’t really match up with them because you can’t really define them and to me thomas in a league that’s being defined it used to be tweeners or bad.
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