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Then we’re going to thursdays again not not great not great buccaneers and uh the Vintage Ferk Jer Berdin shirt eaglesnot great mike before night time you’re gonna stream the thursday night game browns and broncos led by aaron rodgers. Oh yeahthey had to force down dude shorter. This is his first tour potential disqualification that penalty will be enforced half the distance of the goal there is also unfortunately conduct the head coach of arizona following an enforcement of this penaltywe will go 15 yards. Yeahthat’s one. Yeah me too especially whenever he comes here to pittsburghi get it The Walking Dead 11th anniversary 2010-2021 10 seasons 147 episodes thank you for the memories shirt Vintage Ferk Jer Berdin shirt.

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But I feel like theythey’re really not. Cool jaco the Vintage Ferk Jer Berdin shirt d 76 yards ken and drake had 30 so they had over 100 overall but raiders are another weird team man. Yes i’m listeningi’m gonna say it like this. We’re gonna run our time charliewe’re short after the game if you’ve got time. I give this pig an a in the third roundthe atlanta falcons picked up jalen mayfield offensive tackle out of michigan who was one of the most versatile offensive linemen and the draft many in the nfl apparently believe that he will be a better guard in the nfl but mayfield is a player that the falcons could potentially move all around the offensive line. He couldn’t get that onei think they had two games they needed one win to go to the playoffs. Sooh yay
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You got the Vintage Ferk Jer Berdin shirt chiefs weektwo sunday night football. But we’ll see all right dolphins jets saints I think those three games are winnablethen you got the bucks that’s gonna be such a fun game. What the hecki’m pissed all right mini soda upset of the week bills and jags don’t i.
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