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This is a Wrestling Athletes Mugs time for me to say thisyou you have to as an organization you have to use the experience mark davis the intelligence john gruden to know the man that you have in the place and mike mayok to help build your team and to set your team up. I don’t know that’s less shocking to me than the bills with how they played I can’t believe they have twookay. Yeahso what about is. Noi want the 2021 stupid stupid stupid I don’t want a stupid podcast where’s. I don’t think the defense is necessarily bad and personnelthe defense is bad with the coaching that the you know the techniques and the scheme that they’re doing To My Son To My Daughter I Love You Forever Keychain Gift For Daughter Gift For Son Wrestling Athletes Mugs.

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I knowit’s 4 25. Like I just I the Wrestling Athletes Mugs ore football which i’m happy withbut I feel like there’s gonna be more injuries. Then at eight o’clock they put the whole thing togetherso yeah it’s gonna be. And i’d like to see him respond a little bit better in those contested catch situations because lamar is going to make you earn it sometime with with bouts of inaccuracy from time to timeso he’s going to have to really capture that catch space on the next level. Turns it upfield big game anderson would not go down on first contact chargers trying to cash in quick toss right through the hands of mike williams. But it is what it is I guess if he turns out to be awesomethen I don’t think falcons fans will be complaining all right guys. That’s twotakes
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Show big win for john elway’s broncos 30 to 16 because of Wrestling Athletes Mugs lamar jackson. The story of the day was not the draft earlier in the day uh with reports that aaron rodgers had leaked to some members of the packers that he was not interested in playing in green bay any longer general manager brian goodkin saying uh quote no we’re not going to trade aaron rodgersuh the speculation was rampant. Right now they are working those ballsbro right on cue joe.
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